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Broad Form Insurance is frequently the best option for auto insurance anywhere in Whatcom County.
The Broadform Insurance Shop in Point Roberts is the best place for trusted facts about Broad Form insurance. We analyze the best vehicle insurance companies to find who provides the most budget friendly price. If you’re looking to decrease your insurance expense, count on us to do all the hard work for you. We diligently compare each broad form insurance quote so you can breath easy and purchase bargain broadform auto insurance worry-free. Let us get you real insurance quotes from the leading broadform insurance companies so you can find the insurance policy that won’t break your budget.

Broad Form Frequently Asked Questions

Is broadform insurance cheaper?

A Broadform policy can be more affordable than a standard liability-only policy because the insurance provider is only responsible to pay for accidents caused by the driver named on the policy. This kind of policy basically excludes every other possible drivers.

Do you need insurance if you have a license?

If you have a drivers license but don’t own a car, you probably don’t need car insurance. The owner of the car is supposed to keep their car insured. If you want to protect yourself in case they do not have insurance that will cover while you are driving, you can purchase a broad form policy.

Who has the cheapest non-owners insurance?

Progressive (who we represent) usually has the least expensive non owner insurance rates. The actual rate will be affected by factors such as your age, your driving record, and city you live in. Even though all the companies we represent offer non owner policies, we do not suggest it. A broad form policy is only slightly more expensive but provides so much more protection.

Can I get an insurance policy to drive any auto?

Yes! A Broad Form insurance policy will cover you while driving just about any car or pickup as long as it is for personal use. It is perfect for people who own a number of autos and never let others borrow them or who doesn’t own any autos and want to be sure they are insured while driving borrowed vehicles.

Will my insurance cover someone with a license that is suspended?

If you need insurance and your license is suspend, we can help! Click the Quote button to and let us find you insurance. If you already have insurance and are letting someone borrow your auto who does not live with you and does not have regular access to your auto then yes, they are probably covered but it is always a good idea to verify with your insurance agent.

How can I buy insurance after having my license suspended?

To buy insurance when you have a suspended license simply reach out to our BroadForm Shop insurance experts. We quote companies that can get you insured which is most likely one of the stipulations for you to get get licensed again. The insurance company will send an SR-22 with the Department of Licensing to provide evidence that you are insured.

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Just the Facts about Point Roberts

Point Roberts is a pene-exclave of the United States upon the southernmost tip of the Tsawwassen peninsula, south of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The area, which had a population of 1,314 at the 2010 census,
is reached by estate by traveling 25 mi (40 km) through Canada. It is a census-designated place in Whatcom County, Washington in the same way as a make known office, and a ZIP Code of 98281. Direct sea and air contacts with the U.S. are simple across Boundary Bay.

Point Roberts was created once the United Kingdom and the United States fixed the Pacific Northwest American-Canadian connect dispute in the mid-19th century bearing in mind the Oregon Treaty. Both parties no question the 49th parallel would define the boundary in the company of their respective territories, and the small Place that incorporates Point Roberts is south of the 49th parallel. Questions approximately ceding the territory to the United Kingdom and far along to Canada have been raised back its inauguration but its status has remained unchanged.

The Place around the southern Tsawwassen Peninsula was a favored fishing spot for several Coast Salish groups, who named the peninsula “q̓ʷulƛ̕əl̕”. The first Europeans to see Point Roberts were members of the 1791 expedition of Francisco de Eliza. The maps produced from Eliza’s explorations depicted Point Roberts as “Isla de Cepeda” or “Isla de Zepeda.” In 1792 the British expedition of George Vancouver and the Spanish expedition of Dionisio Alcalá Galiano encountered one another near Point Roberts. In the day of June 13, 1792, the two ships below Galiano sailed into Boundary Bay and verified Point Roberts was not an island, which was therefore renamed Punta Cepeda. They subsequently sailed vis-а-vis Point Roberts and quickly encountered HMS Chatham, the second boat of Vancouver’s expedition. The two parties made entrance and no question to share information and do something together in mapping the Strait of Georgia.

Point Roberts acquired its present name from Vancouver, who named it after his buddy Henry Roberts, who had originally been final command of the expedition. Point Roberts assumed its present political status in 1846, when the Oregon Treaty outstretched the 49th parallel as the boundary between U.S. and British territory from the Rocky Mountains to Georgia Strait.

After years of joint pastime of the disputed area between Mexican California and Russian America known as the Oregon Country to the Americans, and as the Columbia District to the British, American expansionists behind U.S. Senator Edward A. Hannegan of Indiana urged U.S. President James K. Polk to annex every one Oregon Country stirring to latitude 54°40′N, as the Democrats had been elected on the slogan “Fifty-Four Forty or Fight”.

Source: Point Roberts, Washington in Wikipedia