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Broad Form Insurance is frequently the most economical option for car insurance in all of Snohomish County.
The Broadform Insurance Shop in Sultan is the best place for trusted information about BroadForm insurance. We analyze the best auto insurance companies to find who offers the least expensive price. If you want to drop your insurance cost, count on us to do all the hard work for you. We earnestly compare each broadform insurance quote so you can breath easy and get affordable broadform vehicle insurance stress-free. Let us get you real insurance quotes from the leading broadform car insurance companies so you can choose the policy that best fits your budget.

Broadform Frequently Asked Questions

Is broad form insurance less expensive?

A Broadform policy can be more affordable than a regular insurance policy because the insurance provider is only responsible to cover accidents caused by the driver named on the policy. This kind of policy in essence excludes all other possible drivers.

Do you need car insurance if you have a drivers license?

If you have a drivers license but don’t own a car, you probably don’t need auto insurance. The owner of the car is supposed to keep their car insured. If you want to protect yourself in case they do not have insurance that will cover while you are driving, you can buy a broad form policy.

What is the difference between non owner and broad form insurance?

Both insurance policies are Named Operator polices, meaning the insurance only has to pay if the person named on the policy was driving. A Non-Owner policy, as the name implies, only covers when non owned cars are being driven. Also, if you are driving a auto that you have regular access to, then coverage is excluded. A Broad Form policy is “broad” because it covers owned & non-owned vehicles without the restrictions.

Is vehicles insurance required in Washington state?

Washington law requires anyone driving a auto in Washinton to have liability insurance for an accident they cause. Minimum liability requirements are $25,000 for bodily injuries to any one person, $50,000 for total injuries to all persons, and $10,000 for damage to anyone else’s property.

Do you need to buy insurance before buying a vehicle?

You are required by the state to have at least basic liability insurance before you take the car on the road. Nothing worse than getting a ticket for no insurance. And, if you have a loan on the car, the dealership will require you have “full coverage” before they will let you drive off the lot. If you are already insured, a simple call to your agent should be all it takes. If you don’t have insurance, Click the Get A Quote button to request a quote.

What auto insurance companies will insure a driver with a suspended license?

A number of the BroadForm Insurance Shop’s auto insurance companies can assist you toget insurance if your license has been suspended and you’re hoping to get new car insurance, To get insurance when you have a suspended license simply call one of our BroadForm Shop insurance professionals.

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Bakeries, Diners, Breakfast & Brunch
711 W Stevens Ave, Sultan, WA 98294
Vick’s Burger Shack

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930 Stevens Ave Hwy 2, Sultan, WA 98294
Bubba’s Roadhouse

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American (Traditional), Dance Clubs, Cocktail Bars
924 Stevens Ave, Sultan, WA 98294
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American (Traditional), Breweries, Coffee & Tea
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Startup Market and Teriyaki & Wok

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36310 State Rte 2, Sultan, WA 98294

Just the Facts about Sultan

Sultan is a city in Snohomish County, Washington, United States. It is located nearly 23 miles (37 km) east of Everett at the confluence of the Skykomish River and the Sultan River, a youthful tributary. The city had a population of 4,651 at the 2010 census.

The city was founded in 1880 at the site of a Skykomish village and initially fixed during a small gold rush. Sultan was platted in 1889, just prior to the dawn of the Great Northern Railway, and was a hub for mining and the lumber industry. It was incorporated on June 28, 1905, with a population of 700. The city was home to a Civilian Conservation Corps camp during the Great Depression and undertook several civic improvements in the post-war years.

Sultan has previously become a bedroom community for large employment centers in the Puget Sound region. The city has several public parks, a historic museum, and is located close outdoor recreation areas in the Cascade Mountains. It is aligned to easy to use cities by U.S. Route 2.

The area around the Sultan and Skykomish rivers was occupied by the Skykomish, a branch of the Snohomish people, prior to the arrival of American settlers. The Skykomish had a remaining village at the confluence named tʷ’tsɬitɬd, along next a available fishery named stək’talidubc. Following the discovery of a wealthy gold vein along the Sultan River, the land in the region of the confluence was claimed for a homestead by John Nailor and his wife in 1880. Among the first arrivals to the area were Chinese prospectors, who difficult settled the house but were evicted in 1885. Nailor built a little store and hotel to sustain miners and loggers, eventually serving as the first postmaster after the settlement time-honored a state office in 1885. The town and river were named “Sultan”, an anglicization of Tseul-tud (also known as Tseul-dan), then chief of the Skykomish tribe.

The Nailors sold 20 acres (8.1 ha) of their homestead to William B. Stevens in 1889, who filed the first plat for Sultan City that October. The Great Northern Railway placed a supply depot for its railroad workers in Sultan in 1891, meeting river steamboats and contributing to the town’s beforehand growth. Sultan gained its first sawmill in 1891 and a shingle mill in 1895, as the local economy transitioned away from mining and towards logging. Sultan was officially incorporated as a city upon June 28, 1905. At the time, the city had a population of 700 people and three general stores, along gone a variety of small industries. By 1912, the city had a public library, electrical service, paved streets, and was with a want to construct a hydroelectric dam that would also provide municipal water service. A bridge across the Skykomish River was built in 1908 to link up to new farms on the south bank.

Source: Sultan, Washington in Wikipedia