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Broad Form Insurance is almost always the cheapest option for auto insurance anywhere in King County.
The Broadform Insurance Shop in Bothell is the best place for dependable advice about BroadForm coverage. We rate the top-rated car insurance companies to see who provides the most budget friendly quote. If you need to drop your insurance expense, count on us to do all the hard work for you. We carefully compare each broad form insurance quote so you can breath easy and purchase low-cost broadform vehicle insurance stress-free. Let us get you real insurance quotes from the leading broad form insurance companies so you can get the insurance policy that best fits your budget.

Broadform Quotes Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

What is a broad form insurance policy?

Broad form insurance includes liability coverage but can also include uninsured motorist, and personal injury protection (PIP). It only covers losses if you are driving the auto. Comprehensive and collision coverages (aka Full Coverage) cannot be added to protect the vehicle you are driving.

What states allow broadform vehicle insurance?

Washington state is one of the few of states that allows broadform insurance. When you travel in any other state, whether they allow broadform or not, your insurance policy is perfectly valid.

What’s the difference between non-owner and broadform insurance?

Both policies are Named Operator polices, meaning the insurance only has to pay if the person named on the policy was driving. A Non-Owner policy, as the name implies, only covers when non-owned vehicles are being driven. Also, if you are driving a vehicle that you have regular access to, then coverage is not in force. A Broad Form policy is “broad” because it covers owned & non-owned vehicles without the restrictions.

Can I get insurance to drive any boat?

Yes! A BroadForm insurance policy will cover you to drive just about any vehicle while being used for personal and not business use. It is ideal for people who own multiple vehicles and never let others borrow them or who owns no cars and want to be sure they are covered while driving non-owned cars.

Do I need to buy insurance before buying a car?

You are required by the state to carry liability insurance before you drive the car off the lot. Nothing worse than getting pulled over for no insurance. And, if you have a loan on the car, the dealership will require you have “full coverage” before you take the car home. If you are already insured, a simple call to your insurance agent should be all it takes. If you don’t have car insurance, Smash the Get A Quote button to ask for a quote today.

What insurance companies will cover a driver with a suspended license?

A number of the BroadForm Insurance Shop’s car insurance companies can help youget auto insurance if your license has been suspended and you’re wanting to purchase new car insurance, To get insurance with a suspended license just call the BroadForm Shop insurance professionals.

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Just the Facts about Bothell

Bothell () is a city in King and Snohomish counties in the U.S. state of Washington. It is part of the Seattle metropolitan area. As of the 2010 census it had a population of 33,505, and in 2019 the estimated population was 47,415.

Prior to European settlement, the Sammamish River valley from Lake Washington to Issaquah Creek south and upstream of Lake Sammamish was inhabited by a population of as many as 200 Native Americans known as the Sammamish people. The Sammamish were relocated after the Puget Sound War in 1856 to reservations and non-reservation lands.

In 1870, Columbus S. Greenleaf and George R. Wilson filed home claims in the Place formerly inhabited by the Sammamish close present-day Bothell, and built homes. Eight families followed on culmination of the adjacent six years. In 1876, Canadian George Brackett bought estate and began personal ad logging out of a camp located upon the north bank of the Sammamish River in what is now the heart of downtown Bothell. A store, school, and sawmill followed more than the next several years.

In 1885, Brackett sold 80 acres (32┬áha) to David Bothell, a settler from Pennsylvania. The town’s first postmaster, who bought his property from Bothell, named the town in his rave review when it was platted in 1888. Later that thesame year, a local railroad was built through the town to transport coal from Issaquah. Bothell was officially incorporated on April 14, 1909.

Bothell continued to amass as logging expanded and ship traffic brought increasing amounts of goods and passengers taking place and beside the river. As more people moved into the area, the Army Corps of Engineers approved to dredge and straighten the river in the years immediately after Bothell’s incorporation. Most ship traffic came to an abrupt grow less only a few years far ahead when Lake Washington was lowered in 1917. Water transport plus shifted to trucks after a brick road was built from Seattle. The logging economy declined speedily around the similar time, and the local economy shifted to farming.

Source: Bothell, Washington in Wikipedia